Welcome to MomsBaby!

Finally – a dream came true. What once was just an idea, evolving into a dream, a research project and then taking a leap of faith and hours and hours of work, perseverance, endurance and grace, have today become a reality – so grateful and blessed!

Myself and Monique, a best friend of almost 10 years now, took on this platform project and are so excited to share it with the whole of South Africa. Our passion is entrepreneurship and helping others grow their business. In the midst of Covid, now more than ever, we have to help each other and do our part to help grow the economy as we are all affected by this tragic pandemic.

The baby and maternity industries, even classified recently as essential, provide enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners and we are here to make these businesses viable with an easy, affordable and secure online option – an online marketplace. Our biggest drive is to help other businesses thrive.

An online marketplace is very much like a mall with many shops; a buyer can go to one mall and buy almost everything they want. This marketplace is exactly that except one can shop from the comfort and safety of one’s own home. Also, compared to the limited range of baby, toddler and maternity products available in a brick and mortar mall, MomsBaby has the potential to provide you with an endless range of products to satisfy everyone’s needs.

We hope to enable many entrepreneurs grow their online business and to provide quality and unique products to all shoppers in South Africa.

Happy selling and shopping!


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